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R Series

  • Dropped forged from high grade heat treated tool steel.
  • Infinitely adjustable within the particular tools size range.
  • Economical, replaceable drop forged heat treated teeth.
  • Hand or Hydraulic operation.
  • All Australian design as high quality forging.
  • The more tension you apply the better the grip.
  • 4 point symmetrical grip over pipe.
  • Designed to bend rather than break significantly enhancing operational safety.
  • Extremely high torque rating.
  • Light weight for size application.
  • Can be locked on the job using the adjuster nut allowing you to fit a second spanner.
  • Can be ratcheted enabling manual use to continue disassembling the joint.
  • Very quick and easy to assemble over joint.
  • Life time guarantee on tool body.

The first of the new R Series are now in the market place and blitzing the opposition.

  • R 230 CAPACITY 54,000 ft lbs
  • R 190 CAPACITY 40,000 ft lbs
  • R 140 CAPACITY 22,000 ft lbs
  • R 90 CAPACITY 12,000 ft lbs

Reliability, safety and user-friendlieness

The balance of the tools R 280 and 300 will be available on demand so if you want them please let us know. The wrenches can be purchased as individual spanners or as a breakout kit utilising the full potential of the tools.

Overall Dimensions

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