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Who is Covered

The original purchaser of any Rapspan tool is covered under this warranty subject to producing proof of purchase. If the tool has been sold or has changed hands, proof of purchase will be required to activate and proceed with the warranty claim.

How Long does the Warranty Last?

All Rapspan tools have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects when used within the guidelines of the operating instructions for the particular tools in particular the maximum torque specifications.

Limit of Liability

Rapspan Tools Pty Ltd aggregate liability in respect to all claims under this warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product or at Rapspan Tools Pty Ltd option, the cost of replacing the product. Additional warranties may accompany specific Rapspan products but all implied warranties are expressly excluded.

What is Excluded

Material Damages

This Warranty does not apply to wear and tear sustained during normal operation of the tools. Replacement components are available for all the range of tools currently distributed after October 2006. Rapspan specifically denies any liability for any incidental and/or consequential damage or costs as a result of spanner failure. The warranty is limited to the product itself and does not cover loss of sales, profits, out of pocket costs etc. or any other damages associated with the use of the tool.

Personal Injuries

In the event you, someone working for you or any other person sustaining a personal injury as a result of exceeding the recommended torque rating, or by incorrect usage of the Rapspan Tool, Rapspan Tools Pty Ltd will not assume liability under any circumstance.

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