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Here at Ozcom Drilling we use Rapspan spanners to break out our drill heads etc because:

  • Rapsan lock on and can’t come flying off like some other tools can, which is a huge safety issue solved.
  • Rapspan work first time every time, which makes using them very time efficient.

Coupling the spanners with a hydraulic ram makes them incredibly powerful and able to break even the most ceased threaded joints.

I would recommend using Rapsan to anyone needing to break tight and stubborn threaded joints.

Jode Skennar

Director, Ozcom Drilling

McCulloch’s Drilling and Boring have been distributing Rapspan tooling since 2009. Over this time we have supplied many units, in all sizes, to the drilling industry.

We have a lot of repeat customers now requesting the Rapspan brand because of its reliability and durability.

Whether fitting out a new Rig or re-building an old one we always recommend Rapspan tooling for breaking rods.

Jeff McCulloch

McCulloch’s D&B Pty Ltd

The R140 wrench is beginning to look indestructible. The photo tells the story. I have a movie of the failure, and it looks and sounds great. I’ll try and condense the movie to e-mail size then will send you both a copy.

Better start thinking of where we go from here. We can try re-machining the plate to provide a hex connection and new matching mandrel as we discussed at the meeting.

Rodney Wilkie

Melbourne Testing Services

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