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Replacement Teeth Segments (sets of 4)

Each tool is supplied with 2 sets of teeth of your choice so ensure you specify which teeth you want when ordering your spanner.

Because of the variations in drill rod hardness, harder teeth (in the range of 63 to 65 HRc) are in the pipeline for the R90 and R140 spanners and are naturally a bit more expensive but you will find they give better life on some rod designs. The R190 and 230 come complete with the harder teeth as standard.

R Series Tool Insert Grip Ranges

Tool Size Insert Name Grip Range Dia
R90 R90 70/93 (Old S) 70 to 93mm Dia
R90 R90 42/70 (Old L) 42 to 70mm Dia
R90 R90 40/67 (Old XL) 40 to 67mm Dia
R140 R140 113/140 (Old S) 113 to 140mm Dia
R140 R140 90/117 (Old L) 90 to 117mm Dia
R140 R140 80/105 (Old XL) 80 to 105mm Dia
R190 R190 150/190 150 to 190mm Dia
R190 R190 130/165 130 to 165mm Dia
R230 R230 195/230 195 to 230mm Dia
R230 R230 180/220 180 to 220mm Dia

The name shown in brackets indicates the old name applied that has since been changed to reflect the true size of the inserts. This will apply to those of you who have purchased the early versions of the tools. The geometry is identical, just a name change.

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