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The Rapspan

Range of Tools

Quality controlled, work safe system designed in Australia

R Series

Designed in Australia and forged from high grade tool steel. The tool is built TOUGH to withstand the rigours of the highly demanding drilling industry. The spanner is a wrap around design and is inherently safer than anything else in the market place. The tool has been extensively tested to destruction and proven to collapse rather than fly apart when over-stressed to destruction. The spanners current grip ranges from 45mm to 230mm over 4 tool sizes.

Breakout Kit

Breakout kits come in a compact aluminium case are available for all 4 tools currently available.

The hydraulic power pack is identical over the 4 sizes however the cylinders, yokes, pins and tools will vary between sizes.

In the R90 and 140 the tools can be mounted inside the case. The R190 & 230 however are too heavy and must be carried separately.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are carried for all our tools as well as the breakout pins for R90 and 140 and pins and yokes for R190 and 230 all ex-stock. If necessary, we can supply the hydraulic cylinders as well, however they are not carried ex-stock and delivery would be 3 weeks from placement of order.

Tungsten teeth inserts are now available however range is limited so please ask for availability.

Rapspan Spanners

If you’re in the business of working with drill rods, hammers or just plumbing we have the tools to help you out.

The R series (yellow) was developed primarily for the drilling and under road boring industry. These have been in the industry for some 20 years and are a proven performer within Australia and overseas. They can be used individually on a breakout bench or in the field with 2 tools as shown in the breakout kit.

The second tool in this image is the smallest of our new Rap series the Rap50. This is an open-ended tool that grips from 15mm to 50mm infinitely adjustable and will grip rounds, squares, hex or any shape you desire. It can also be used as field clamp if necessary. To use this tool you back it off the cam, fit it over the job and the cam does the rest. The harder you push down on the handle the tighter the grip.

If you would like to view a detailed demonstration of the tool in use, please contact us and we’ll forward the demonstration to you.

We are currently in the final prototyping stage of our next tool on the range called the Rap125. This will grip 25mm to 125mm using the same principle.

Features & Benefits of Rapspan Tools

Dropped forged from high grade heat treated tool steel
Infinitely adjustable within the specified size range
Economical, replaceable, drop forged heat treated teeth
Suitable for hand or hydraulic operation
All Australian design as a high quality forging
Designed to bend rather than break significantly enhancing operational safety
Life time guarantee on tool body

Indestructible Rapspan Tools

The R140 wrench is beginning to look indestructible. The photo tells the story. I have a movie of the failure, and it’s looks and sounds great. I’ll try and condense the movie to e-mail size then will send you both a copy.

Better start thinking of where we go from here. We can try
re-machining the plate to provide a hex connection and new matching mandrel as we discussed at the meeting.

Rodney Wilkie

Melbourne Testing Services

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